National Commission on Terrorism: Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism


Staff statements public hearings.

Presented at the Commission's seventh public hearing:

Entry of the 9/11 Hijackers into the United States Staff Statement No. 1

Three 9/11 Hijackers: Identification, Watchlisting, and Tracking Staff Statement No. 2

The Aviation Security System and the 9/11 Attacks Staff Statement No. 3

The Four Flights Staff Statement No. 4


Presented at the Commission's eighth public hearing

Diplomacy Staff Statement No. 5

The Military Staff Statement No. 6

Intelligence Policy Staff Statement No. 7

National Policy Coordination Staff Statement No. 8


Presented at the Commission's tenth public hearing:

Law Enforcement, Counterterrorism, and Intelligence Collection in the United States Prior to 9/11 Staff Statement No. 9

Threats and Responses in 2001 Staff Statement No. 10

The Performance of the Intelligence Community Staff Statement No. 11

Reforming Law Enforcement, Counterterrorism, and Intelligence Collection in the United States Staff Statement No. 12


Foreword (87K)

Executive Summary (74K)

1   The International Terrorism Threat is Changing (177K)

2    Good Intelligence is the Best Weapon Against International Terrorism (72K)

Eliminate Barriers to Aggressive Collection of Information on Terrorists (850K)

Provide Resources and Capabilities to Exploit Fully Information on Terrorists (517K)

Promote the Flow of Terrorism Information From Law Enforcement to Policymakers and Analysts (63K)

3    Pursue a More Aggressive Strategy Against Terrorism (75K)

Strengthen Efforts to Discourage All State Support for Terrorism (3,151K)

Implement a Broader Approach to Stop Non-State Support for Terrorists (2,200K)

Improve Executive and Legislative Branch Review of Counterterrorism Activities (609K)

4    Prepare to Prevent or Respond to Catastrophic Terrorist Attacks (817K)


A. Transmittal Letters (10,832K)

B. Commission Charter and Process (103K)

C. Members and Staff (83K)

D. Individuals Interviewed by the Commission (176K)

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Report to the President and Congress on the Protection of U.S. Forces Deployed Abroad

Report to the President and Congress


Downing investigation report

Memorandum, Assigning CJCS Responsibility for Force Protection

DoD Directive 2000.12, 'DoD Combating Terrorism Program'

Letter of Referral to USAF

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of Defense and Department of State