Condor, the Wesleyan Personal Web Server

Host condor is a Linux system. It was Wesleyan's primary personal web server. Starting in Spring '07 we began to migrate users off of condor onot WesFiles.

For users still on condor:

The root of the home directory is not visible from the web. Files to be served out to the web must be stored in the public_html directory, for example in /home/username/public_html.. Use the following URL to view your pages developed on condor: An overview of the web services available at Wesleyan is found at All users have access to CGI (common gateway interface), in the form of cgi-wrappers, for running programs that retrieve data from users or manipulate data according to different parameters. There is a cgi-bin/ directory in your public_html directory for this purpose. See for more information.

There is a scratch area on condor available to all user that can be used as a temporary holding space for very large files. To access this space, type "cd tmp" at the command prompt and you will enter your personal scratch directory. Note: all files older than 3 days will be removed from this area on a nightly basis.

If you encounter problems on condor please send an email about the issue to .

For more information about the UNIX environment, see:

Unix tutorial
Authoring Web Pages at Wesleyan

Last updated 21 November 2008
by Jolee West