the "old" WOODSTOCK
    On 04/17/2006, the "old" solaris machine named woodstock was retired. The services running on this host (such as IDL/Envi, Mathematica, SAS, Matlab etc as well as shell access) were moved to two linux based Dell blades.

  • Both new blades will respond to the hostname "" in a random order.
  • In order to connect to the blade that runs a particular application, please use the convention "" as shown in the table below.
  • Each application has a web resources page associated with it, use the url convention "" to view the information.
  • Each application also has a lyris discussion list. To send email to the list, use the email address convention "" to send mail.

Home Directories All home directories and existing datahome directories are mounted on both systems. The setup is identical as on the old host woodstock as well as on User "home" directories are at /home/username, and for those users that have one, the "datahome" directories are at /datahome/username

General Access Certain access methods will be discontinued because of network configurations and security. These include: Telnet, FTP, and XDMCP. Instead please use SSH (including SFTP, SCP). Other services will be discontinued but are available via other hosts, these include: SAMBA and AFPD file sharing. To connect to your samba share, please use \\drake\

Commercial Applications Because the software applications are split across two new blades, the best way to find the applications is listed below. Each software package also has a lyris email discussion lists, contact your ACM for a subscription.

softwareconnect to hostweb resourcesDiscussion Lists
IDL/Envissh username@envi.wesleyan.edu
Mathematicassh username@mathematica.wesleyan.edu
ISISssh username@isis.wesleyan.edu list)
SASssh username@sas.wesleyan.edu
Matlabssh username@matlab.wesleyan.edu
Statassh username@stata.wesleyan.edu

Note that your home directory is your login destination directory ("/home/username"). For those users who have a "datahome" directory, the filesystem is available at "/datahome/username"; a link named "datahome" is provided in your home directory.
Note for graphical interactions with the software packages, please make sure your ssh session has x-forwading enabled. XDMCP sessions will not be allowed.
Note Mathematica users ... please consult the web resources page on how to configure your local Xserver to use the remote font server found at mathematica:7100

Scripting and Programming Languages
shellsthe following shells are available: sh, bash, ksh, tcsh, csh, zsh
perlperl is available via /usr/bin/perl (stock redhat) and /opt/perl/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl (wesleyan compilation, contains the most modules) ... both versions are 5.8
gccstock redhat, v3.2.3-53
java from sun microsystems, the default java installation is 1.5.0_02 ... however you may change your JAVA_HOME variable and point it to /usr/j2sdk1.4.2_07 for a 1.4.2 version
pythonstock redhat, v2.2.3
othersstock redhat, ... the command 'rpm -qa' will list all packages installed, to obtain the location of the binaries and documentation supplu the package name, for example 'rpm -ql vim-enhanced'